You blame it on the wrong posture at work, on your carrying your baby around your house 24/7, on sleeping on the wrong side, or on other similar things. Whatever the cause is, your lower back pain is not going away and is causing you a lot of time.

Now, you are even unable to bend down and pick up the hair clip you accidentally drop or carry your toddler to the bathtub. The back muscles and spine support the weight of your body and pain in your back mean that you are partially paralyzed. Lower back pain is a common problem around America. Sometimes, the pain is so severe that a person opts for surgery to reduce the pain. However, this isn’t a situation where the surgery is inevitable. There are other options, including chiropractic care, available as well that reduces pain significantly.

Also, if you are suffering from lower back pain, you can bring some easy lifestyle changes to minimize the stubborn lower back pain.

1. Use Heat And Cold

Both heat and cold are effective ways to get pain relief. A person suffering from lower back pain can apply ice packs to the back to reduce the pain. The cold also induces numbness in the body which helps reduce intense back pain. The one thing that you have to take care of is not to leave the ice pack on your back for more than 20 minutes. In the same manner, heat pads are an effective way to treat stiff muscles. But, do ensure that the heating pad is not too hot.

2. Regular Exercise

We cannot stress enough on the importance of exercise to remain fit. With lower back pain, you may be unable to take part in a high-intensity workout. However, you can do some stretching exercises every day to relieve the pain. The most common stretching exercises are:

  • Touching the Toes: A simple exercise, touching the toes is as easy as it sounds. All you have to do is to reach your toes while bending forward.
  • Child’s Pose: Sit on your heels with your knees hip-width apart and lean forward to place your head on the floor with your hands stretched out.
  • Cobra Pose: Lie down on your stomach and keep your hands face down beside the shoulders. Gently lift your chest and look up at the ceiling.

3. Switch Shoes

Shoes that don’t fit or that are uncomfortable also cause strain on the back muscle. Wearing heels, for example, is a major cause of lower back pain. Therefore, you need to wear comfortable shoes wherever you go.

4. Get Enough Sleep

For adults, seven to eight hours of sleep is essential for a healthy body. Often, we compromise on our sleep without realizing the harmful effects of this compromise.

5. Reduce Stress

Stress can trigger your body’s muscle, causing a lot of pain. The indescribable and acute body pain is often attributed to stress. Try stress-relief techniques to get rid of stress and nagging pain.


Lower back pain takes time to go away. Besides taking care of yourself at home, it is also advisable to go with regenerative therapy to reduce the pain.

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