sick care vs health care

Sick Care vs Health Care

As Americans, we are lead to believe that we have the best health care system, as well as, being one of the healthiest nations in the world. Unfortunately, that could not be farther from the truth. Our health care system is financially in trouble and we as Americans are becoming more and more sick as time goes on. We call our current system Health Care, but in all actuality, Sick Care is what we are receiving.
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3 Common Types of Neck Pain

Neck pain is one of the most uncomfortable sensations in the world. Sometimes, neck pain can be so unbearable that you might not even be able to sleep at night.

It’s important to understand the cause of your neck pain in order to seek treatment.

Here are 3 common causes of neck pain.

Muscle Pain

This is one of the most common types of neck pain and is caused by prolonged exposure to emotional or physical stress.

When your body or mind is tense, a lot of this tension is unfortunately held inside the neck. The muscles of the neck then might form knots that you can feel when you touch the particular area (it’ll feel tender).

A chiropractor can help massage the neck, relieving the tension from the neck so that once the tension is gone, so is the pain.

Muscle Spasm

A muscle spasm refers to a sudden tightening of your neck muscles. This is extremely powerful and can make your neck muscles feel extremely tight or knotted, similar to muscle pain.

Sometimes, if you have a muscle spasm, you might be unable to even rotate or turn your head.

Muscle spasms can sometimes happen overnight. So if one fine day, you wake up with a stiff, painful neck, you should know that it’s most likely a muscle spasm.

There is no one cause of muscle spasm. It can, for example, result from a muscle injury, or even from a nerve or spinal problem or even an emotional problem.

Whatever the cause might be, a chiropractor might be able to help you with neck pain caused by a muscle spasm.

Nerve Pain

Sometimes, the pain that you experience in your neck might be caused by irritated nerves.

The nerves of your spinal cord might be sending sharp, fleeting extreme pain in your neck. In some cases, this pain might even begin to shoot down to the rest of your arm and hand.

Chiropractic care is essential for you if you experience any three of these neck pains. Chiropractic care is a natural way for your body to heal itself.

At Apm Chiro, we don’t care why your neck pains, but we can guarantee that our methods will allow you to experience great relief from the neck pain!

Call us at (480) 632-0177 or visit our website to book an appointment today! No point sitting in pain!

4 Benefits of Getting Micronutrient Testing For Triathletes

Being a triathlete is no joke. Unlike other athletes, you need to focus on three sports equally; biking, swimming, and running. A triathlon is an endurance event, so you know it isn’t going to be easy. To excel in all three disciplines, you need to be fit. While most triathletes include nutritional supplements in their daily routine, you need to understand that one size doesn’t fit all.

The nutritional needs of every individual are different, and this calls for an individualized supplementation plan. However, that is only possible when you know which nutrients your body needs. You can get an exact picture of what your body lacks and what it needs and in what quantities through micronutrient testing, which includes testing for minerals, vitamins, and antioxidant deficiencies.

Micronutrient testing is highly beneficial for triathletes. Let’s have a look at its numerous benefits in detail below.

1.     Individualized Nutrient Plan

Instead of playing guessing games about what nutrients you might be lacking, micronutrient testing will help you get a complete profile of essential micronutrients in your body. You’ll know what exactly your body needs. Every micronutrient has a distinctive role to play and has a direct impact on the fitness of an individual.

Only when you can target the deficiencies will you be able to cater to your body’s needs in the best possible manner. Therefore, one of the most prominent benefits of micronutrient testing is the possibility of designing individualized nutrient plans.

2.     Improved Organ Functions

As mentioned above, each nutrient has a different role to play. You just can’t afford to feed your body the nutrients you think are essential because they all are, in one way or the other. Vitamins help regulate neuralgic and metabolic processes, prevent cellular destruction, and also create energy that the body can use.

Minerals make up tissue structure and are needed for numerous metabolic processes. Antioxidants prevent oxidative damage to normal body cells. With micronutrient testing, you can cater to the deficiency of specific nutrients and help improve the overall function of your organs and system.

3.     Prevents Illnesses

As a triathlete, you can’t afford to get sick. Micronutrients help strengthen your immune system and protect your body from infections. If your body is deficient in one or more essential nutrients, you’re more likely to fall sick, which is something you don’t want, especially if you’re getting close to the event that you’re competing in.

4.     Helps You Save Money

If you feel weakness or observe any symptoms that may indicate any sort of nutrient deficiency, the chances are that you start taking nutritional supplements right away. However, you can never tell if the deficiency causing the symptoms is being addressed or not. However, if you get micronutrient testing, you’ll know which nutrient your body needs, and thus, you’ll only invest in supplements that your body requires. It’ll help you save money that will otherwise go into random nutritional supplements.


There are numerous benefits of micronutrient testing for triathletes who can’t compromise on their health and fitness. Visiting the right professionals to get your test done is essential to ensure that the results and the treatment that follows are correct.

What Qualities Should You Look For In A Chiropractor?

People today are more health-conscious than they ever were before. They have switched to healthier lifestyles and have started to show more interest in natural healthcare options, as a result of which, chiropractic care has gained massive popularity. Chiropractic care offers relief from numerous ailments and discomforts. However, the key to effective relief is getting your treatment from a reliable and professional chiropractic practitioner.

If it’s your first experience with chiropractic treatment, you might not know how to tell if you’re dealing with a good chiropractor. But you need not worry. Below are some qualities that you should look for in a chiropractor before trusting them with your body.

1.     Good Communication Skills

Good communication skills are the most important quality that you should look for in a chiropractor. They should be able to communicate with their patients without difficulty. They should be excellent listeners and should be able to assure their patients that their problem isn’t that big, and they’ll find a solution together. Only if your chiropractor is able to communicate well with you will you be able to trust them with your treatment.

2.     Empathetic

A good chiropractor will be highly empathetic. They’ll assure the patient that they understand what a patient is going through. They won’t, at any point, make the patient feel that their problem is insignificant or that they’re too sick. It will further help instill trust in a patient’s heart towards the chiropractor.

3.     Passionate

A good chiropractor is extremely passionate and dedicated to their profession. They won’t go by a laid-back attitude. They’ll take every patient seriously, and their commitment will be something that you will be able to see pretty clearly.

4.     Focus on Patient

A good chiropractor will be highly focused on the patient. They’ll listen intently to what patient is saying, will be focused on their pain and their recovery process. They won’t miss any important details that might benefit or harm the patient in the long run. A chiropractor who appears distracted or disinterested in their job can never be a good option.

5.     Knowledgeable

A good chiropractor will have adequate knowledge in various areas of medicine and chiropractic care. They’ll be experts in the muscular system, nervous system, spine, exercise, and nutrition. Besides, they’ll also be aware of all the latest treatment techniques.

6.     Sensible

Another quality that you should look for in a chiropractor is sensibility. They shouldn’t give vague or senseless suggestions to their patients. Telling a patient something they already know or asking them to do something that is nearly impossible for them to do is a sign of inexperienced and unprofessional chiropractor.


A good chiropractor will know their way with their patients. They’ll be passionate about their work and will be highly dedicated and considerate towards their patient. Looking for these qualities in a chiropractor will ensure that you don’t end up trusting the wrong professional with your body.

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Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a painful nerve injury which is caused by the compression of the median nerve of the forearm in the eight bone of the wrist. The condition is named after the bone that compresses the nerve – the carpal tunnel. It is an extremely painful condition that impairs the ability of a person to do normal routine work.

There are many treatment options that one can opt for, including carpal tunnel surgery. However, there has been a rise in the popularity of chiropractic care for carpal tunnel syndrome. Let’s have a look at the benefits of chiropractic care for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

1.     Significant Improvement

None of the treatment options for carpal tunnel syndrome provide the guarantee that they will treat the syndrome completely. However, there is documented evidence, backed by the results of two studies, that chiropractic care is a highly effective treatment option. People who opted for chiropractic care for carpal tunnel syndrome showed significant improvements. There was an improvement in the finger sensation, range of motion, and there was a profound reduction in pain. With the help of a trained and professional chiropractor, people suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome have achieved relief from this painful nerve injury.

2.     Less Invasive Treatment Option

One of the major benefits of chiropractic care for carpal tunnel syndrome is that it is a less invasive and less painful treatment option. Prolonged treatment of this syndrome is often followed by surgery, which is extremely painful. However, things with chiropractic treatment are different. It involves the physical treatment of the syndrome without having to make any cuts or punctures.

3.     Alternate to Drug Treatment

Treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome includes numerous pain management medicines. Not many patients are willing to take that many medicines, and therefore, drug treatment may not be the best possible treatment option for all patients. Chiropractic treatment involves the adjustment of the spine and elbow of the patient by physical means. Another technique involved in this type of treatment is bracing that limits the movement of the hand, which allows the wrist to heal and recover faster.

A professional chiropractic practitioner makes custom treatment plans for each patient and works to alleviate pain without any medicinal drugs.

4.     Helps the Patient Learn to Deal with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome not only takes a toll on the patient physically but psychologically as well. The patient may feel helpless and powerless. However, chiropractic care for carpal tunnel syndrome helps the patient in learning to deal with the syndrome. It empowers the patient and makes them feel better about their health. It makes them feel that they aren’t helpless and that managing their diseases is possible!


Chiropractic care for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is one of the best treatment options available today. It not only provides pain relief but also helps the patients psychologically. It is the least painful and safest treatment option of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The only thing to be careful about is to rely on professional and experienced chiropractic practitioner only!

4 Outstanding Benefits Of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is associated with numerous benefits for people of all ages alike. Whether you’ve been in a car accident or suffer from any sports injuries, musculoskeletal conditions, lower back pain, or post-surgery stiffness, physiotherapy can help you in restoring the same fitness level that you had earlier.

Physiotherapy is a non-invasive method of treatment. It is a form of physical therapy that helps individuals in developing, maintaining, and restoring maximum physical movement. It reduces pain, enhances mobility and flexibility, strengthens muscles, increases joints’ range of motion, and helps in maintaining the correct posture. It is a highly beneficial form of treatment. We’ve listed down the numerous benefits of physiotherapy below.

1. Pain Relief

Pain is often the most common reason why people visit registered physiotherapists. Body pain can be a result of a sprained muscle, motor vehicle injury, incorrect posture, and many other factors. Sometimes, the pain is persistent, which starts to affect your routine adversely. Physiotherapy can help in the management, mitigation, and elimination of pain, no matter how bad it is. It enables you to restore your physical fitness and aid you in getting back to enjoying your regular physical activities. The best thing about physiotherapy is that it relieves pain without you having to rely on any painkiller.

2. Tailored Method of Treatment

The most significant benefit of physiotherapy is that your course of treatment is completely tailored to your needs. The physiotherapist will assess the cause of your pain and how is it affecting your physical capabilities. They will then develop a completely personalized recovery plan based on their assessment, which can be altered whenever the need be. Two people with a similar injury may need a different recovery plan because every human being is different, and that’s the specialty of physiotherapy. Your recovery plan will be entirely based on your age and physical ability.

3. Injury Prevention

Another of the many benefits of physiotherapy is that it also helps prevent any future injuries. No matter what your fitness level is, what the cause of your pain is, or how bad your ailment is, a physiotherapist will help you move your body the right way to avoid any stress on your muscles or joints. It prevents the occurrence of any sprains or injuries in the future. Physiotherapy also teaches you the right exercise techniques that will enable you to achieve maximum flexibility and strength, thereby reducing the chances of you getting an injury in the future.

4. Posture Correction

Many people often complain about body pain due to incorrect posture. Whether your job requires you to lift heavy objects or sit in front of the computer all day long, physiotherapy can help you correct your posture and get rid of the persistent body pain that you’re so fed up with.


A registered physiotherapist knows the right techniques for dealing with different injuries and ailments. You can get rid of all sorts of pain with physiotherapy and that too, without taking any medicines. If you’re suffering from post-surgery stiffness, pain from an old injury, or a muscular sprain, physiotherapy is your ultimate remedy!

3 Incredible Benefits of Regenerative Medicine

You might experience episodic or consistent pains long after suffering from an acute injury or a torn tendon. Conditions like arthritis and degenerative disc disease also cause unbearable pain at times. In an attempt to get relief from pain, most of us opt for regular painkillers. Medicines reduce inflammation and provide temporary relief, but the root cause of pain persists, which results in the return of the same pain after a while.

What you need in such cases is the alleviation of the root cause. If you’re concerned about relying too much on medicines and are looking for a safe alternative for pain relief, you should consider opting for regenerative medicine. Though it is not a very common mode of treatment yet, it holds immense benefits which we have listed down for you below:

1. Faster Healing

The human body is a powerhouse that has tremendous healing powers. No matter how bad you get hurt, your body always recovers and heals itself. One of the biggest benefits of regenerative medicine is that it boosts this natural healing power of the human body and accelerates the healing process. What this mode of treatment does is concentrate the healing power of the body and focuses it entirely where they’re needed. A stem cell preparation (PRP) is injected directly into the damaged or injured area.

Whether you want relief from the pain caused by an acute injury of the past or a degenerative disease, regenerative medicine helps you with everything.

2. Naturally Reduced Inflammation

Most of the time, people who suffer from chronic pain are on long-term medicines like anti-inflammatory drugs. Long-term medicines are usually associated with side effects. However, one of the benefits of regenerative medicine is that it is not associated with any side effects. Other than a negligible discomfort at the site of injection, you are good to go. What makes regenerative medicine so safe and natural is that it injects only the substances that are already found in your body naturally, unlike other chemically-prepared, harmful medicines.

Regenerative medicine also subdues the inflammation that arises as a result of body’s erroneous attacks on its own tissues. It is said to treat a number of autoimmune diseases and associated chronic pain, including:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Lower back pain
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Sports injuries
  • Sciatica
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Joint pain

3. Healthier Bones

Regenerative medicine not only helps alleviate disease, inflammation, and pain but also improves bone and tissue health. It suffuses your muscles, bones, tendons, and skin with fresh cells and concentrated platelets that help the body to grow healthier and stronger. It won’t be wrong to say that regenerative medicine improves the overall health of your musculoskeletal system.


Regenerative medicine is unlike any other form of treatment. Unlike traditional medicine, this form of treatment improves your overall health and vitality and makes you healthier and stronger. The biggest benefit of regenerative medicine is that it does not use any form of harmful chemicals. Visit a professional for permanent relief from pain.

Why Should Athletes Consider Getting Chiropractic Care

An athlete’s body goes through a lot of physical exertion. To be able to perform sports activities like jumping and running, an athlete needs to be fit and strong. Getting injured during sports is quite common. However, an athlete can’t afford delayed healing; hence, prescription drugs are not an ideal option. Prescription drugs also carry a risk of addiction. This is why many athletes rely on chiropractic care.

Chiropractic care addresses the injuries and treats them without using any drugs or surgical procedures that enable athletes to heal sooner. There are numerous reasons why athletes should consider getting chiropractic care.

1.     Enhanced Performance

Injuries that cause misalignment of the spine or any other joint problems can interfere with the overall performance. Chiropractic care is the best way to address and treat such injuries. A professional chiropractor adjusts the spine and joints regularly and ensures that they’re working smoothly, and hence, is able to enhance the performance of an athlete.

2.     Prevents Serious Injuries

Sometimes, injuries as small and minor as joint misalignment can put excessive stress on the body and lead to more serious injuries that keep the athlete from performing to the best of their abilities. Chiropractors are experts of the musculoskeletal system and can treat the root causes of pain and injuries. This prevents any further, more serious injuries in the future.

3.     Quicker Recovery

Chiropractic care revolves around ensuring that all the soft tissues and bones are in perfect alignment and that adequate blood flow is maintained throughout the body. Professional chiropractors make use of techniques that promote quicker recovery and healing. These techniques include massages, the use of stainless steel tools to break scar tissue, the electrical stimulation of muscles to release any tension near the surface, and dry needling techniques to release tension in the muscles.

4.     Non-Invasive Treatment

The best thing about chiropractic care for athletes is that the athletes do not have to go through any surgical procedures. Surgical procedures restrict patients to bed. However, that is not the case with chiropractic care since it does not involve any invasive procedures. You can continue with your practice and game schedules right away after your visit with a professional chiropractor.

5.     Pain Relief

One of the most prominent pain relief techniques used in chiropractic care is spinal manipulation that ensures a healthy alignment of the body. Unlike pain medications that mask your pain sensation, chiropractic care works on the root cause of pain, addresses it, and treats it, providing you with the ultimate relief from pain.

6.     Regulates Sleep Cycle

Chiropractic care can regulate your sleep cycle. A better, more regular sleep ensures faster recovery and a healthier body, which is exactly what an athlete needs to outperform. Lack of sleep can start to take their toll on an athlete, which affects their performance. A good night’s sleep will ensure they stay fresh and active on the playground!


Getting help from a professional chiropractor is the best thing for athletes. Not only are they treated well, but they don’t even have to stay restricted to their bed for prolonged periods of time.

5 Benefits of Trigger Point Injections

How often have you taken a pain-reliever to help relieve the pain in your shoulders and back? How often have you felt frustrated when you feel the same pain a few hours past taking the pain-killer? Muscle pain is very common, especially after a strenuous physical activity or certain repetitive movements that can be addressed by simple over-the-counter pain medications. However, when the pain persists for longer, that’s a sign that you need some medical attention.

One of the most common reasons for persistent pain in muscles is the trigger points. Trigger points are a knotted area of muscles which is very sensitive. Any discomfort in trigger points results in the pain that just doesn’t seem to go away! Getting trigger point injections can really help you get rid of this pain for good.

There are numerous benefits of trigger point injections, which are good enough to encourage you to get them right away!

1. Quick Procedure

One of the many benefits of trigger point injections is that they are a minimally invasive method, and the procedure lasts for a few minutes only. Not only is it done is a matter of minutes, but you also don’t have to spend excessive time recovering from the procedure either. Apart from restrictions regarding heavy physical activities for a few days, you are not bound by any restrictions or limitations.

2. Effective Treatment

Trigger point injections are highly effective at relieving persistent muscular pain. The procedure involves a needle injection at the trigger point to inject an anesthetic, corticosteroid, or a combination of both. Sometimes, injecting just a needle does the job of releasing the tension and provides effective pain relief.

3. Pain Relief Throughout the Body

While a trigger point may be present in any one isolated part of the body, it can cause pain in other areas as well. This is known as referred pain. One of the benefits of trigger point injections is that they provide pain relief in not just the area where the trigger point is present but alleviate the discomfort from all the areas of the body where you might be feeling pain.

4. Treatment of Other Pain-Related Health Problems

Trigger points are formed as a result of stress, injury, or repetitive motion. They can cause numerous pain-related health problems like tension headaches. Trigger point injections can help treat these health problems. This is one of the major benefits of these injections. They are said to be highly efficient in providing relief from fibromyalgia pain and myofascial pain.

5. Improved Daily Functioning

Persistent muscular pain can affect your day-to-day functionality. Tense muscles can restrict the movements that you can make comfortably, limiting you to only a limited amount of physical activity. One of the most important benefits of trigger point injections is improved daily functioning. With the release of tension from the trigger point, any discomfort that you were feeling earlier is eradicated and you carry on with your daily activities!


There are many benefits of trigger point injections such as effective pain relief, not only from one part of the body but from any referred pain that you may be experiencing, no recovery time, and improved functionality in day-to-day activities.

6 Benefits of Visiting a Professional Chiropractor after a Car Accident

Car accidents are extremely common no matter where you are in the developed world. In case of serious injuries, people are taken to a hospital immediately, where they can get medical attention. However, when the injuries aren’t life-threatening or debilitating, they are shrugged off as ‘nothing serious.’ However, simply shrugging off these injuries is the worst thing to do.

Minor accidental injuries can result in chronic issues that can last a lifetime if not taken care of in time. You may not realize it at that moment, but as time passes, the problems will start to surface. This is why you must visit a professional chiropractor after having a car accident, no matter how minor your injury is.

If you aren’t sure about why you should visit a chiropractor, go through the benefits of visiting a professional chiropractor after a car accident that we’ve listed below:

1. Reduces Inflammation

Minor injuries can result in micro-tears in the muscles and ligaments, which can cause inflammation. This is the reason why people who have had a car accident are seen complaining about pack pain several days after the accident. These tears do not appear in x-rays, and hence, go untreated.

A professional chiropractor will use various methods to restore the muscles and ligaments to their natural placement. The body will release anti-inflammatory agents, which will reduce the inflammation in the muscles, leading to less pain and suffering.

2. Reduces Scar Tissue

You may think that scars only appear on the skin; however, scar tissue can also form inside the body, within your muscles after a car accident. The external wounds heal but internal scar tissue can cause a lot of discomfort. A chiropractor will target these areas and help break the scar tissue faster, providing relief from discomfort and pain.

3. Non-Invasive

Chiropractic care is a non-invasive way of treating injuries. While doctors may recommend certain surgeries or invasive methods for neck and back injuries, a professional chiropractor will promote the healing of injuries without any invasive techniques.

4. Pain Relief Without Medicines

Doctors will prescribe painkillers to reduce the pain after a car accident. These medicines will make your pain go away for a short period of time but the cause of pain will remain. When you trust a professional chiropractor, they will treat the cause of pain instead of just silencing your pain receptors.

5. Restores the Ranged of Motion

Inflammation hinders the flow of blood and nutrients to different parts of the body and hence slows down the healing process. Chiropractic care will treat the inflammation, mobilize your spine and neck, and kick-start your body’s natural healing process.  If there has been any loss in the range of motion in the car accident, regular visits to a professional chiropractor will restore it.

6. Treats Injuries That Aren’t Visible

As we mentioned earlier, a person is treated for all the visible injuries after a car accident but what about the injuries that aren’t visible to the naked eye and do not appear in the x-rays and other scans? A chiropractor will use special techniques to identify these unseen injuries and help alleviate the symptoms.


There are numerous benefits of visiting a professional chiropractor after a car accident, as they treat injuries that aren’t visible and may cause problems in the future.

5 Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Mental Health Problems

Chiropractic care revolves around a mind-body approach that aids in adjusting physical symptoms and improving mental health. There are numerous benefits of chiropractic care, which make it a one-of-a-kind alternative medicine.

Many people opt for chiropractic care when they have a problem of poor posture, when they are in pain, or when they’re seeking relief from an injury. However, did you know that chiropractic care can have a positive impact on a person’s mental health as well? Although it is considered as advanced physical medicine, chiropractic care is associated with significant benefits for anyone who is suffering from mental health problems like anxiety and depression.

1.     Mind-Body Approach

As mentioned earlier, chiropractic care involves a mind-body approach, which basically means finding the balance between the mind and the body. A chiropractic practitioner will analyze all the areas to see where you need adjustments. You will be told to do specific exercises, follow a specified diet, and start taking the necessary supplements. When you opt for chiropractic care, you will see for yourself how the smallest of the things can have a massive impact on your mental and physical wellbeing. For example, a chiropractor may tell you to incorporate omega-3 fatty acids into your diet, which, you will observe, will have a positive impact on anxiety disorders.

2.     Lowering of Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is associated with stress and anxiety. According to several studies, massage therapy, coupled with chiropractic care, can reduce your blood pressure significantly. As the blood pressure is lowered, the stress and anxiety symptoms are greatly reduced too. Therefore, it is believed that chiropractic care is a great way to improve the mental stability of people who are suffering from various mental health problems.

3.     An All-Natural Solution

Patients who are on depression and anxiety medicines often complain about nausea, insomnia, fatigue, and weight gain. However, chiropractic care does not involve the use of medication and hence, offers an all-natural solution to mental health problems like anxiety and depression.

4.     Triggers Positive Hormones

The health of your spine has an impact on all other parts of your body. Chiropractic care specifically involves spine adjustment, which promotes the release of happiness/ positive hormones like oxytocin and neurostatin, and also lowers the amount of cortisol that’s produced.

Oxytocin promotes the feeling of happiness and social bonding, and neurostatin neutralizes the pain induced by stress. On the other hand, cortisol is the stress hormone and is responsible for the way you feel when you’re stressed out.

5.     Promotes Relaxation and Good Sleep

One of the major concerns of people suffering from anxiety, depression, or any other mental health issue is that they can’t seem to relax. As a result, they constantly lack a good night’s sleep. The environment chiropractic care establishes helps a person relax and feel less stressed. Moreover, it also improves the sleep patterns of patients, making it easier for them to fall asleep. As a result, patients feel fresh, full of life, and less anxious or depressed. Additionally, chiropractic care also helps patients reduce muscular stiffness. Hence, chiropractic care helps relieve stress-induced pain, fatigue, and headaches.


There are a number of benefits of chiropractic care that make it an excellent way to treat and manage mental health problems.