When you get into a car crash or other accident on the road, what you are most likely to suffer from is a whiplash injury in Gilbert, AZ.  When a chiropractor in Gilbert, AZ is booked for an appointment by someone suffering from whiplash, it is basically to treat the physical pain caused by the whiplash injury.  So what exactly is a whiplash injury? Let’s find out.


According to most chiropractors in Gilbert, AZ, a whiplash is an injury on the neck that is caused by a car accident.  When your car is hit from behind, you are most likely to get a whiplash injury. Why is that so? Because when you are hit really hard from the back, your head moves back and forward with force.  This force is the main cause behind pain and neck injury.


When a chiropractor in Gilbert, AZ gives you the news that you are suffering from a whiplash injury, he/she will likely evaluate your back and your spine to make sure that it is only a neck injury that you are suffering from.  The expert will examine your body to find areas that give indication of muscle spasm, poor range of motion, pain, and general weakness.  When you have suffered from a severe and acute whiplash injury, you won’t even be able to twist or turn your head with ease because your head will start aching badly.  Your chiropractor in Gilbert, AZ will take the necessary steps to examine your back and neck to search for tightness and tender spots.


When you suffer from a severe whiplash injury, a chiropractor in Gilbert, AZ may take some steps, for example suggesting an ultrasound, gentle stretching, and some other strategies, in order to reduce the inflammation you may experiencing.  Your chiropractor in Gilbert, AZ might also suggest that you apply ice cubes wherever you are experiencing swelling.  Once the swollen part returns to normal, some of your pain will automatically reduce.  After that, your chiropractor in Gilbert, AZ may conduct spinal manipulation to regulate the blood circulation and movement to your neck.

Even if you try, you can never completely avoid car accidents. Such incidents are out of your control, and when such an incident happens to you, immediately seek help from a chiropractor in Gilbert, AZ.

In a Nutshell

So yes, chiropractic care can help you recover from a whiplash injury and ease your pain if you contact a qualified chiropractor in Gilbert, AZ.

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