dr chrissy chiropractor gilbert az

Dr. Chrissy Hatzenbeler is a third generation chiropractor

Dr. Chrissy Hatzenbeler D.C. or Dr. Chrissy as all her patient’s call her, is a third generation chiropractor. Dr. Chrissy’s father(still seeing patients to this day) and her grandfather are both chiropractors, as well as uncles and cousins. All in all, Dr. Chrissy has a total of 7 chiropractors in her family. If anyone truly understands the science and philosophy behind the Chiropractic world, it would be Dr. Chrissy.

She has had regular chiropractic adjustments from birth and has never had a major illness that her body has not been able to correct on its own. She lives a healthy lifestyle and she tries to teach all of her patient’s to try to live to the best of their comfort level as well.  The past 18 years of patient care, has made Dr. Chrissy one of the most sought out female chiropractors in the area. Please give Dr. Chrissy a call to begin your journey to a healthier you.