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Dr. Scott Hatzenbeler D.C. C.M.V.I

Dr. Scott Hatzenbeler D.C. C.M.V.I or Dr. Scott as all his patient’s call him, received his first chiropractic adjustment when he was 21 years old, after being rear-ended at 55 m.p.h. The accident was so violent that the force actually tore his car seat, along with him in it, out of  the floor board of the vehicle. For 4-6 weeks, Dr. Scott suffered from a severe whiplash injury that left him with headaches, visual disturbances, as well as numbness in both hands.

Due to the several medications he was put on (pain pills, anti-inflammatorys, and muscle relaxers) that were not effective in treating the cause of the problem, Dr. Scott found a local chiropractor. After several months of adjustments to his spine, he was completely back to 100% pre-accident status(no symptoms), due to the cause being corrected, not just the treatment of his symptoms. This is when his goals of going to medical school were drastically outweighed by the overwhelming drive to become a Doctor of Chiropractic instead.

Twenty years later and thousands of chiropractic adjustments to hundreds of his patient’s, Dr. Scott Hatzenbeler still has the same compassion for caring for people as he did his very first patient. This attribute of his willingness to serve, his upbeat outlook in life, along with his relentless support to his patients has been some of the many reasons patients seek out his care.