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Arm & Shoulder Pain

Arms, are usually a very flexible part of the body, yet when they start malfunctioning, a person does experience many other problems as well. Dealing with shoulder or arm pain in Gilbert Arizona, might seem rather simple, but in actual fact this is certainly not so. One wrong move and it could easily render the limbs immobile. We at advanced physical medical, of Gilbert Arizona are one of the best and most advanced chiropractic clinics, offering clients the best of the best in all regards.

Contrary to popular believe shoulder arm or even hand pain is exceptionally common and many issues of this nature are likely to be linked to a group of nerves, known as brachial plexus. The said nerves run from the lower back region through the upper shoulder area and consequently allow the shoulder and arms to move and feel various sensations. The most prominent symptoms which point to this problem include-

  • Numbness in the region of the shoulder, arms and even hands
  • Intense shoulder ache
  • Tingling or uncomfortable burning sensation
  • Weakness in the shoulder or arm region.


If you experience any of the above, rather than stressing out or being scared- it is imperative to visit a doctor as soon as possible. Rather than trusting just any and every one for the job. Opting for chiropractic treatment is a safe and effective way to nip the problem in the bud when it has just begun or even to manage it when things have become too unbearable to treat it. Unlike many in the business who make tall claims we at Advanced Physical Medical are able to provide top of the line treatment at exceptionally affordable prices. Trust us but once to know how well we do our job and how we have truly carved a niche for ourselves in terms of chiropractic care.

In this regard our chiropractic treatment and therapy procedure will begin with one of our chiropractors doing a thorough examination of the patient. This examination will enable the chiropractor to state beyond a shadow of a doubt where the problem is emanating from and what is causing the compression of the nerves. So, if you have been on the lookout for a safe and effective treatment for the problem, chiropractic care is the way to go. Place your trust in us but once and we will certainly not disappoint you come what may.