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Intervertebral Disc Problems

Intervertebral discs are positioned between the vertebrae in the spine. The outside of a disc is made from cartilage, and in the center is a jelly like solution. These discs serve many purposes, including allowing movement of the spine, creating space between the vertebrae, and acting as shock absorbers. The gelatinous middle allows the disc to compress and expand based on impact and movement. At Advanced Physical Medicine, we are experts at aligning intervertebral disc problems in Gilbert Arizona.

Trauma to the spine can cause the discs to herniate, bulge, become displaced (slipped disc), or even rupture. Trauma or direct injury to the area is not the only cause, however. As we get older, the discs can begin to weaken and dehydrate.

These conditions can put pressure on the nerves around the spine and cause pain.

If you suffer from one of these injuries you should see a chiropractor. Surgery is risky, expensive, and requires recovery time. In many cases, you can experience relief from these conditions through chiropractic. By properly aligning the spine, pressure can be relieved on nerves and on the discs themselves. This will reduce and hopefully eliminate your pain and discomfort and allow you to live a normal lifestyle.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help Treat Disc Problems?

The spinal disc is a spongy and sensitive pad that is found in between the vertebrae of the spinal column. These discs act as shock absorbers of the spine and hold it in place in the centre of the body. When the normal aging process begins, these spinal discs which were filled with fluid begin to harden. As we reach adulthood, the soft material or the discs harden. This is exactly the reason why adults are prone to disc injuries.

What is Disc Herniation or Slip Disc?

Spinal discs are set in between the specialized bones or vertebrae. The ligaments which connect the muscles and the spinal bones hold these discs in place. There is hardly any space for the disc to slip. However when a fluid emerges through a crack in the exterior, it can cause the disc to slip. This is also known as disc herniation. It can cause pain and numbness if it affects the nerves.

There are basically two types of herniated discs- prolapses and protrusions. A prolapsed disc is one that is separated from the rest of the disc as it has over protruded. A protruded disc is one that pushes out of shape.

If the disc pressurizes the spinal cord or the nerves, it can be quite painful. People who suffer from slip discs find it extremely painful to accomplish daily chores such as walking, sitting, sneezing, coughing and so forth.

What are the Symptoms of Disc Problems?

Foot and leg pain
If you have a herniated disc in your lower back you will experience intense pain on your thighs, foot and buttocks. However, if you have a slip disc near your neck, you will experience intense pain on your arms and shoulders.

You may also experience weakness in certain parts of your body where the nerves affect the muscles. It may impair your ability to hold things properly.

Tingling or Numbness

Herniated discs also cause numbness in some parts of the body which are served by the affected nerves.

The symptoms of herniated discs vary according to the position of the slip disc. Although there are many treatments that help to ease the pain, most people prefer to choose chiropractic treatment for disc problems.

Chiropractic Treatment for Disc Problems

Chiropractic doctors at Advanced Physical Medicine help to treat disc problems effectively. We assure you that chiropractic treatment is one of the safest treatment methods to alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with disc problems.

Our chiropractor will conduct an initial examination, check your medical history and conduct a physical test. This will be followed by neurological and orthopedic tests. In some cases, chiropractor may suggest an MRI to assess the problem in depth and then prescribe a suitable treatment plan.

At Advanced Physical Medicine, we have the best chiropractic doctors to assist you with your disc problems. We are experts in locating and analyzing physical ailments through a series of test conducted by our specialized team. Our chiropractors are the best in Gilbert Arizona and our chiropractic treatment methods are effective as we follow a holistic healing approach.

We follow a standard routine and secure the required information pertaining to your disc problems. Our chiropractors utilize a comprehensive report of your medical history that includes digital images, X-rays, MRI scans and so forth. This will assist our doctors to analyze the type of disc problem and choose a therapy accordingly. Chiropractic treatments involve gentle techniques and manipulations to align the spine.

Our efficient team of chiropractic doctors also suggests lifestyle changes, nutrition, exercises and overall wellness concept.

When you experience any of the symptoms mentioned in this article that include numbness, pain or weakness in your spine or other related areas, please give us a call and consult with one of our chiropractors.