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Personal Injury Chiropractor

So, you have been involved in a motor vehicle collision and needs a personal injury chiropractor in Gilbert AZ. If obvious injuries like fractures, internal and external bleeding, along with lifesaving emergencies have been ruled out, what do you do next?

Did you know that Chiropractors are amongst the most sought-after doctors after patients have been in a car crash?

Chiropractors have had excellent results treating people for their injuries for over 100+ years. The question is not to go to a Chiropractor or not, but who do you choose to go to. The answer of who you choose, can make the difference of a correct injury diagnosis or a missed one. This is something you do not want to take a chance with. If any doctor misses the injury, it could lead to years of needless suffering and could possibly limit you from getting the deserved care that you need to heal correctly. The human body is miraculous, in the fact that it is a self-healing organism, but if left to heal improperly, it most definitely will.

Dr. Scott Hatzenbeler D.C. /C.M.V.I.  (certification as a motor vehicle injury chiropractor) located in Gilbert, Arizona brings over 20 years of clinical experience with helping people recover from car crashes and has over 150 hours of motor vehicle injury certifications. Dr. Scott, as patients refer to him, is currently taking an additional 150 hours of more certifications to understand, to the highest degree, the injuries that are more than “soft-tissue” injuries which many insurance companies would call a simple sprain /strain injury.


“We look for many other possible injuries when a motor vehicle injured patient comes to our office. Besides sprains and strains, we are also ruling out more severe injuries such as disc bulges, herniations, fractures and one of the most commonly misdiagnosed injury, the ligaments of the spine. Ligamentous spinal injuries if misdiagnosed and left untreated can cause a lifetime of needless suffering. Diagnosing the problem however, is only part of the solution for the patient. Knowing how to correct the injury is why I have chosen to constantly educate myself, not only in the proper diagnosing of the injuries, but to deliver a higher standard of care to help my patients recover.”

-Dr. Scott Hatzenbeler D.C. /C.M.V.I.

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Studies have shown that between 47 and 67% of the people diagnosed with a simple sprain/strain injury have been incorrectly diagnosed. If that isn’t alarming enough, those same studies reveal that half of those patients misdiagnosed required surgery. At Advanced Physical Medicine, Dr. Scott has been highly trained to assess the patient’s injuries and work as a team with other health care providers, if necessary, to give the best care and positive outcome as can be expected. When you seek out Chiropractors with additional training in motor vehicle injuries, like Dr. Scott Hatzenbeler D.C., you are getting doctors that have been specifically trained to understand the mechanism of the injury, which gives the patient the care they deserve to recover the best they can.


When involved in a motor vehicle collision call Advanced Physical Medicine in Gilbert, Arizona to get the most out of your recovery by feeling confident in your choice of doctors.  

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