All physiotherapists want is for their patients to get better soon. However, it can be frustrating when patients do not follow instructions.

This delays the recovery process and can sometimes lead to patients coming back to the clinic and spending more of the money that could have been used elsewhere if only they had followed some basic instructions. Here are a few things physiotherapists wish their patients did:

1.   Home Exercise Programs

Of course, we all know that physiotherapy is an extremely beneficial, hands-on treatment. However, this requires you to be at the clinic. Most of the time, physiotherapists will prescribe home exercises that the patient must perform every single day for fast recovery.

The most time a patient can spend at the clinic is an hour or two. To get better, they must do their homework and take the advice of your doctor. What you do the entire day matters more than what you do at the clinic for a few hours.

2.   See a Health Professional as Soon as You Feel Pain

As human beings, we are lazy. We tend to procrastinate and put things off till the very last minute. However, you must remember that the more time you spend in pain, the harder the pain will be to get rid of. As a general rule of thumb, remember that if your pain lasts for more than 2-3 days, it is time to book a physiotherapy session.

If pain is left for many weeks and months, your body will start to move differently, and you might adopt some unhealthy strategies to get through your daily tasks. Not only can this lead to more injuries, but it can also change the motor pattern in your brain. This will make you more used to your dysfunctional coping methods.

3.   Film the Exercises

One of the most common reasons physiotherapists hear for non-compliance is that patients forgot how to do the exercises. This seems fair, especially since remembering new exercising and techniques can seem like a handful.

However, in today’s world, every phone has a camera. This means that you can easily record your sessions with your physiotherapist. All you need to do is ask them to film you doing the exercises. This way, you can re-watch them at home and complete your program.

4.   Stay Active

Today’s society requires us to spend loads of time sitting. This is especially true for those who work a desk job. However, you must remember that physical activity of any kind is extremely important to break up the sedentary time.

Prolonged postures and the absence of weight-bearing exercises can seriously harm the body. Most people are well aware of the benefits of physical activity and know that it helps prevent injury. However, packed routines make it difficult to follow this. Regardless of how busy you are, try to squeeze in 30-minutes of activity in your day. Despite your age, this can help protect you from diseases and injuries.

If you are guilty of any of these, it is time to listen to your physiotherapist and follow all the advice they give. Remember, physiotherapy is better than medication and can help prevent prolonged body aches.

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